Justin and Wendy on Slider and JW

The training program at JusWen Farms is a husband and wife team. Both Justin and Wendy have full time jobs away from the farm, so training horses is their passion not their livelihood. This makes a big difference in that they only take a few horses at a time, therefore the horses get plenty of attention and are not “assembly-lined”. Their training approach is a gentle natural way of training, no gimmicks. Horses are trained in a safe and friendly manner, not intimidated or scared, but a confidence building approach for both the horse and owner.

Justin and Wendy’s mission is to build a strong foundation on the horse therefore when the horse is asked to perform in different events, it always has that foundation to fall back on when the horse show atmosphere becomes too stressful. This has been a very successful philosophy and has proven to be essential in show horses that compete on a heavy schedule.

Justin specializes in starting the young horses, and the reining prospects, where Wendy specializes in finishing the pleasure horses and works with the owners in teaching them what their horse has accomplished. This has been a very successful program for this team and they will continue to strive at making the horse/owner team a successful partnership.

wendy on jw Wendy on Jw